Sha Tin, Hong Kong.
Creator: Wong Tak Ki | Credits: Clutch

Quam minimum credula postero

If we can’t trust the future, why do we take photos?

Photographing is a magical act. It is in essence collapsing a moment of reality with its sights and sounds, scents and sentiments into a miniature, two-dimensional piece of glossy paper, or some mega-pixels. This itself is a pleasure.

And when a photo strikes you; in your memory everything unfolds itself, the photo/moment expands into a romanticized world, woven impressionistically with warped time and matter. That world is beautiful.

One sheds some life into a photo when he takes it – this is what makes photographing so important. When you see a photo I took, you are looking into my memory, into my soul; you are also getting some of my life. At your gaze-

-we are one.

I don’t trust the future, I trust you.

Paris, France.
Creator: Wong Tak Ki | Credits: Clutch