Bereft of all access to human-hives of good will & unfailing love; people were separated and atomized into individual solitude(s) – life therefore sometimes felt like an unending tortuous rollercoaster ride that we just couldn’t struggle off of, hard as we tried and tried.

During difficult soul-crushing times like those, we the people were almost like lost ducklings, unsure where to go and unsure what to be unsure of even.

Remembering / conjuring up memories is in essence some re-creative & re-interpretative activity – human memories are by nature dynamic and not static, unlike some other information system’s.

Once past, forever past. Whatever seemed like that past presence (e.g. memories) is always some edited version of that presence, in essence also an illusory experience, despite having the face of reality.

And maybe it truly is an unending tortuous rollercoaster ride for us all, just on a much bigger scale and stage.

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