& the unwinnable game that we humans didn’t know
we‘ve all been unwillingly / innocently / involuntarily fixated in since quite some time ago.

Unless we learn to outuse smartphones, smartphones will act exactly like our personal fast pass to hell.

“Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere” had not been this nearly-perfectly true and relevant until this present point of human history.

To elucidate this common-sense description of human conditions more precisely and clearly- we will also be obliged to investigate the ever-increasingly-popular idea that “some humans should skip death and live forever.”

Those who champion the idea of “The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant” and proactively seek eternal human immortality, or more simply put, those who genuinely wish to skip death and to live forever; these ever-greedy-for-more egos/entities, if unhinged and uninterrupted, are bound to be the original root cause of a sure plunge to hell and/or complete annihilation of humanity.

From the case of AlphaGo to AlphaZero, we learnt and could infer that the most brilliant human minds in the world added together still won’t stand any chance against an “Alpha-Billionth-Iteration-powered-Entity“*.

One thing is certain however, only one plot of human immortality is non-self-defeating, meaning it will necessarily arrive in this eventual situation in which one immortal entity outgames and outowns (and likely enslaves or annihilates) everybody else, be they 7.7 billion in numbers or 7.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion.

That one ego/entity is set to dictate everyone (if there is still any) and everything for the ever after, necessarily resulting eventually in eternal pain and suffering for all conscious beings. Eternal- with no end and no way to end.

All meanings we humans have ever cared about and been curious about, will be undone in physical presence. Everyone we cherish and love will cease to exist after enduring an unknown but predictably enormous amount of suffering, all while marching slowly but surely to the eventual extinction of any trace of human beings having had ever existed in this pocket of space in Universe. As if human beings have never happened and existed and mattered in this Universe’s reality.

Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk, among many who saw and could discern, had warned us multiple times. There will be no return once past that particular point of singularity, and that point of singularity could happen without us the ordinary people knowing at all. Only to leave every one of us forever stuck in the futile fantasies of what we should/could have done but did not.

In fact, it is most likely the point of singularity (one ego/entity assuming absolute power) would happen privately. And whoever has absolute power never shares voluntarily, so begins the unchanging era of A.I.T.D. – consisting of ever-greater but never fully satisfying amount of bliss enjoyed by one; and inconceivable depth of pain suffered by inconceivable number of people and animals for inconceivable amount of time.

We humans, too preoccupied and engrossed in competing and rivalling with each other, collectively took no action for however long, much like 7.7 billion individuals vying to drive a car with exactly one steering wheel — nothing useful ever gets done. Nor have we as one world human group engaged in any meaningful international and intercultural deliberation on how to avert the most imminent-cum-the most certain wipe-out-everything existential threat facing all of us humans.

It is not just that humanity and all things we have ever cherished and loved will be no more, or that the pain and suffering future A.I. devices could induce in us humans is truly beyond human understanding and truly exceeds the boundaries of human imagination.

It is also that — we know with blunt and absolute certainty that there exist infinite forms of infinitely truer/kinder/higher forms of way of life / civilization, never to be materialized and actualized in this Universe; and that we as one humankind will forever miss out on revealing, knowing and experiencing such better versions of Universe.

All because some ultra-rich, ever-greedy-for-more humans are stuck in believing “eternally-undying-life” is the most satisfying/gratifying, the happiest, the most ideal form of human existence/way of life. And these maximally-greedy dogmatic believers of exact Materialism who wish to at all costs skip death, will therefore necessarily carry upon us all our first and final this-worldly wipe-out-everything disaster — every member of humankind, old and young, and all potential future members of humankind.

Along with humanity’s realistic possibilities of achieving truer/higher/kinder forms of way of life / civilization / freedom / human dignity / absence of malice and ill will / empathetic comprehension and kindness towards our common kind and all other conscious beings of Universe.

And the most precious thing in our known Universe – human compassion and love, will too disintegrate, decay and vanish, never to return.

“…but if we never leave, so we never return…”

How we change our daily life habits is the practical key to start off the chain of everything righting/good/kind/beautiful to let happen in this human realm of reality.

For yourself and for all you care and love — change your daily life habits for better starting today.

My friends- the next piece (I of IV) will be about why I am not willing to believe there is not a path to avoid this existential disaster. (Not suggesting we should go back to caves either.)

Will cover topics like (1) how tech conglomerate(s) making a few small but critical changes could stall the process by a fair bit – including Google / Apple / Twitter / Netflix / Microsoft / Tesla / Amazon / Telegram / Meta / Zoom / TikTok / Uber / FoodPanda / Deliveroo / WeChat / BiliBili / Baidu / Huawei / Xiaomi / Sony / Samsung / Tinder / Airbnb & many more.

And (2) everything IoT, and (3) everything satellite & 5G; and also (4) why Edward Snowden is very likely either really bad at his professional field or a lying honeypot-ty actor with great conviction.

Next piece likely by tomorrow.



  1. Article subtitle – “The Unwinnable Game that we Humans Didn’t Know we have All been unwillingly / innocently / involuntarily Fixated in since long ago.“- (zeroth of IV)
  2. (!) – [Unless we learn to outuse smartphones, smartphones will act exactly like our personal fast pass to hell.]
    -the first and final this-worldly hell of artificial intelligence totalitarian dictatorship(s) (A.I.T.D.)
  3. An ego/entity capable of higher gaming intelligence – whose exact nature of existence is unknown and unimaginable at present.
  4. Artificial-intelligence totalitarian dictatorship(s) will also be equipped with ever-improving quantum-computing tech, nano drone tech, mind-reading-and-manipulating tech at a scale we cannot comprehend or even conceive of comprehending with the best of human brains; and thus future tech necessarily escapes even the very best of human understanding and comprehension.
  5. Some schools of thought assume there is nothing beyond human understanding and/or comprehension and/or conceptualization, insofar as humans know it all and know all there is; or that human knowledge encapsulates all there is in this Universe’s reality.
  6. Could you imagine and visualize in your mind a colour you yourself have never seen before?
  7. No definitive & definite objective proof of non-existence of higher-intelligence entity / entities in the vastness of this Universe has ever been collected.
  8. All statements made in the above article are open to change when presented with critically-relevant evidence to prove otherwise. Drop me a DM if you believe I got anything here wrong! ;)

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