Los Angeles Lakers 奪得 2019-20 NBA 總冠軍。Lakers 以106-93 贏下總決賽Game 6,以局數4-2擊敗Miami Heat,在Orlando Bubble 封王。

上場足跟受傷 (bone bruise) 的 Anthony Davis 今場打出超凡水平的防守,讓 Miami Heat 進攻處處受限。今場Heat 總共79投35中 (命中率44.3%),主力 Jimmy Butler 全場上陣近45分鐘 (正負淨值-18),得12分(10投5中)、8助攻(2失誤)、7籃板、1封阻。

LeBron 今場上陣約41分鐘 (+18正負淨值),共20投13中(65.0%命中率) 得隊高28分、14籃板、10助攻(1失誤)、1盜球。

Rajon Rondo 今場繼續優異表現,替補上陣約30分鐘,得19分 (11投8中/72.7%命中率)、4籃板、4助攻、1盜球。Rondo 成爲NBA史上首位以Celtics 及Lakers 球員身份奪得總冠軍。

FMVP 得主是 LeBron James。LeBron 奪得個人第四個NBA總冠軍,四次皆得FMVP。

【 賽後講話 】

Anthony Davis 說這個球季是爲Kobe 而打:
“All we wanted to do was do it for him. And we didn’t let him down. … I know he’s looking down on us, proud of us.”

LeBron 說過去一年半受質疑:
“Our organization wants their respect. Laker Nation wants their respect. And I want my damn respect, too.”

LeBron 也說往後必須繼續落力推動改進 (“continue to push”) — 對抗社會不公義 (“social injustice”)、投票權剝削 (“voter suppression”)、警暴 (“police brutality”) 等社會問題。

Lakers 教練Frank Vogel 指Lakers 今季經歷很多:
“We have a Ph.D in adversity. … We’ve been through a lot.”

Heat 教練Erik Spoelstra 說球隊達不到季度目標,但這季爭勝的經歷會是球隊上下餘生共有:
“We didn’t get the final result that we wanted. … But even what I mentioned to the guys, these are going to be lifetime memories that we have together. This locker room … we’re going to remember this year, this season, this experience and that locker room brotherhood for the rest of our lives.”

Jimmy Butler 落敗後談球隊的未來,認爲球隊方向正確:
“We’re trending in the right direction. … We’re going to learn from this. We’re going to get better. We’re going to come back.”

Butler 也說自己對教練Spoelstra 及GM Pat Riley 說過自己來Heat 是要贏總冠軍,而他今次沒能做到,往後會求進步。他強調: “I will be better.”

今場負傷上陣的Goran Dragić 賽後說自己上陣只爲盡量幫助球隊,而這場賽事中Lakers 表現更佳: “I just wanted to be out there to help my team as much as possible. It is what it is. The Lakers were better.”