上個星期Russell Westbrook 被選進了Oklahoma Hall of Fame (Oklahoma 州際名人堂),在觀衆席有他的一眾Thunder 隊友,而替他主持儀式的是Michael Jordan。

Michael Jordan 在介紹將正式成爲名人堂一員的Westbrook 時,這樣說:「我真的是他的一個球迷。當我看他打球,我看到他對籃球的激情很有熟悉感,就像是我打籃球一樣。」


Jordan 也說起在Durant 離開Thunder 並加盟Warriors 之後,Westbrook 留效Thunder 的決定。

「我不是要在這裏批評任何不在這裏的人。每個人皆可選擇。我不是說你不能作出選擇。每個人皆可選擇,而當我看到他(Russell Westbrook) 選擇留在Oklahoma,我感到多麼的自豪。」


Westbrook 兩次拿下All-Star Game 的MVP,也是2014-15 球季的得分王,還多次打進季後賽。他在近兩季還成爲了「三雙機器」。

除了在NBA 打出了成就,Westbrook 在場外也做了不少值得嘉許的事情 — 他和他創立的慈善組織WhyNot? Foundation 在Oklahoma 的一些低收入區域開設了閱讀室讓兒童看書。他在2015年也曾贏得NBA 的「社區幫助獎」(Community Assist Award)。

Russell Westbrook 和他的家人
Russell Westbrook 和他的家人

Westbrook 在演說中提到:「我爲那些幼童領受這個榮譽,他們被人說因爲他們的膚色、他們的出生處、他們缺少的天賦才能,他們就不能夠做出成就。我承諾要繼續我的社區工作並希望透過我的WhyNot? Foundation 來向青年人灌輸閱讀的重要性。」


在典禮上,當記者要Westbrook 將自己和Jordan 作出對比,他拒絕了,他說:「顯然Michael (Jordan) 是籃球史上最強的。他爲籃球這個競賽以不同方式做了很多東西,還爲後來者就正如我,打破了很多障礙。讓我們可以在無羈絆之下以高水平競賽。在這個面向,是意義重大的。在場外,他帶領着一個強勁的品牌,這是當我退休後想要做的事情。」


Westbrook 說起入選名人堂:「入選是個莫大的榮譽。這絕對是個祝福,這是我不會忘記的一件事。」

以下是Westbrook 的名人堂演說全文:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for this unbelievable opportunity. Without him I wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t be sharing this moment with you guys. I want to thank my unbelievable family, first my lovely wife. She’s been a true blessing for me. So grateful for her. My lovely parents, as always, been very consistent with me and always having my back. And then my little big brother, which I call him, because he’s always looking after me, looking forward and helping me out with different things. So I appreciate you guys, so thank you.

Lastly, I want to thank Michael for him coming out here to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and being able to do this is very special to me. I’m truly blessed for you to do that, and I’m thankful for him as well.

I don’t know how to read off a teleprompter, so I got this piece of paper. So just bear with me as I flip through.

I’m honored and humbled to be considered for such an amazing accomplishment. After witnessing the divisions and the challenges of our nation we have been facing for the past several months, I’ve realized this honor’s not about me nor (is it) about the people in this room.

Oklahoma is an unbelievable community. I’m so appreciative of the fact that the people of Oklahoma have been so supportive of welcoming my family and I. However, I feel there’s always room to grow. I can be better, you can be better and we can be better together. I’m honored to be a part of this Hall of Fame, but I am one of few. Our state is made up of unbelievably talented individuals, and I look forward to celebrating them, no matter their race, gender or creed.

I accept this award for all the young kids who are told – because of the color of their skin or where they come from or what talents they don’t have – they somehow can’t achieve. I pledge to continue my work and hope to instill the importance of learning the love of reading for young people through my Why Not? Foundation.

So this evening, I challenge each of you to join me in being productive citizens seeking to bring hope and healing to every community. Regardless of our backgrounds and our upbringing, we can work together to impact lives of every young person in this state and across this nation. Thank you very much.