kobe samurai

Kobe Bryant一直以來都是我相當敬佩的運動員。




Kobe Bryant has always been admired ever since I started following the NBA.

As one of the Kobe believers, findiing the right words to describe his career have always been a difficult thing because what he has accomplished is something beyond measure. His unshakable will inspires me whenever I’m having my hard times.

This artwork is dedicated to Kobe as he is hanging up his boots on the day of April 14th, 2016 with five NBA titles and along with other countless contributions to the game of basketball and the fans.

This is for Kobe Bryant, the basketball icon for my generation.

作者名稱:Vanz Chiang
在2012年突如其來的「林來瘋」旋風席捲了全台灣,在廣大球迷的心目中留下了難忘的印象。Vanz在不久之後在網路上發布了以林書豪為範本的繪畫作品並且引起了不少關注,許多人認為作品風格與知名日本漫畫家井上雄彥的SLAMDUNK灌籃高手有幾分相似。Vanz大學主修視覺藝術,精細的畫風是vanz的一大特點。大學畢業製作作品名叫「swallowed generation」被吞沒的時代。作品在Mainland A+展覽成功獲得第二名的獎項,也獲得了Germany Red Dot的設計獎「Best of Best」。

In early of 2012 while the global and entire nation of basketball fans unexpectedly went “Linsanity” – Vanz has launched the sports illustrated of Jeremy Lin in which it starts to caught up attention and create noise as the illustration is similar to SLAMDUNK style. Vanz studies visual art and graduated project named “swallow generation” not only succeed in winning the 2nd prize award of the Mainland A+ exhibition as well as the Design Award of Germany Red Dot “Best of Best”, with these significant accomplishment