Kobe Bryant,當世最偉大的球員打拼了20年,經歷過失敗、成功、被看輕、不和、醜聞、3連霸、飲恨、MVP、傷患、重返、創造歷史、榮耀凡此種種。然後,Mamba 終於要退下來。在他今季的告別之旅,各方也紛紛對他作出致敬。以下精選了其中九個重要的致敬。

(1) 電子遊戲商2K Sports 爲向Kobe 致敬,推出2K17 的 Legend Edition。

(2) Nike 旗下的運動員逐個講出他們對Kobe 的想法、感覺,必須要留意Durant 的形容詞。

Kobe 也是這樣形容自己的。

(3) Nike 還選定了4月13日爲 “Mamba Day”。

mamba day


(4) Kobe 20年來18次入選All Star Game。在這最後一次,一眾All Star 球員說出他們對Kobe 的感受。

(5) Kobe 的偶像和學習對象 – Michael Jordan 對他的”Little Brother” 作出致敬和祝賀。

(6) Kobe:「你應該恨我。」

“Hate me because I demanded greatness. And greatness demands everything.”

(7) 曾奪多個格林美獎的知名Rapper Kendrick Lamar 讀出由ESPN 的Scoop Jackson 所撰寫的詩句,向即將退休的Kobe 作致敬:


What can I say? I mean, really? What can we say? Day by day, season by season, 20 to be exact. Growing up watching him paint murals, using this building as his first studio, using L.A. as his canvas, restoring crowns back to where they belong, under royal banners. Purple and gold, the color of royalty. My one-man L.A. king: Kobe. Never meaning less could never mean less, and that’s what he means at this moment. All season has been his goodbye. Him to us, us to him, to the whole world.

Still got magic, but he made it magical. From Compton to Crenshaw, Jack to Jeannie, we were all witnesses, to all things that was him. I mean, we share with him the world. Soon enough, he became our identity. If you wasn’t born or raised here, or never lived here, you’ll probably never understand. I’m going to make sure you do. I’m talking about the 81 points, I’m talking about the afro, I’m talking about the alley-oop to Shaq, the off-glass buzzer beater over D-Wade, the Game 4 overtime takeover in the Finals: Kobe. I’m talking about the posterizing of Steve Nash, I’m talking about Dwight Howard’s rookie year when he got baptized. You remember that. Kobe bodied him. [laughs] The helicopter, the five parades, Kobe.

The mashed-up gamut of emotions with you and with ourselves is so deep, I don’t think nobody can break that bond. So I ask, how do empires last when there’s no longer an emperor? I mean, we got you, but at the same time, we got you. I’m talking about your blood, your sweat, your tears, even your DNA, is placed in these L.A. concretes, man. And nothing will ever replace that or erase that. Forever great in our hearts. So with that being said, know that it’s never goodbye, simply respect due. My dude, forever, Kobe.

(8) 在Kobe 最後的一場NBA賽事,Magic Johnson 和一眾Kobe 的隊友、對手、教練、球迷 (Jack Nicholson!) 對Kobe 說出謝詞。

Kobe NBA生涯最後一次被介紹上場。

(9) 和Kobe 拿下3個總冠軍,曾經歷不和,到現在大家歷盡千帆再泯恩仇的 Shaq 用上他一貫搞笑的方式來作出致敬。

告別戰60分送別球迷,Kobe Bryant完美謝幕:「Mamba Out!」

Kobe Bryant的輝煌成績表

NBA給Kobe Bryant的公開信-「謝謝你喜愛籃球」