Derrick Rose 在缺陣六個星期,20場比賽之後在對Magic 回歸。

他今場正選上陣19分鐘,9投3中 (其中三分6投1中) 得9分、2助攻、2籃板、1盜球、4失誤。

而Butler 得全隊最高的19分(6-10),另有6助攻、5籃板。

但主場的Magic 對復出Rose 毫不客氣,Magic 有Vucevic 16投9中22分、7籃板,新人Payton 得17分(6-14)、9籃板、9助攻。

但最搶眼的是投中Buzzzer Beater 的Oladipo,他14投8中得全隊最高的23分、5籃板、5助攻。

經已鐵定不能打進季後賽的Magic 終以105-103 得勝,連勝三場。

Oladipo 說:”There’s no playoff but we’re trying to treat every game like a playoff game. There’s teams that we’re playing that are playoff seeds, but we’re trying to get better too.”

Derrick Rose 在賽後談及他的狀況:

“I felt all right, I think it was about right. It’ll get better the more I play, but I’m getting better every week. It’ll take some time, but I’ll get there.”

而他說關於傷患最難的地方是坐在板凳上看着球隊打球,不過他也不會白白浪費板凳上的時間:”Very hard. At the same time, it’s all about patience. I’m going to have my turn. Right now while I’m not playing, I’m just trying to learning a little more and seeing how they’re playing.”